SocialGimp is an INSTAGRAM analytics suite for leading brands and influencers.

The tools provided by SocialGimp aim to help brands understand audience behaviour and to improve content quality on INSTAGRAM. OUR mutual goal is to make YOUR brand more attractive and to ultimately grow your account.

Through better insights about your audience and with proper analytics it is possible to achieve long term effects. SocialGimp will not only provide you with the tools your brand needs, but also with advice, guidelines and benchmarks.

SocialGimp is in start-up phase which means that many functions are being launched on a weekly basis. Development takes place in Sweden by me, Olof - an enthousiastic INSTAGRAM user who wants to build a minimalistic but powerful tool that looks beyond vanity metrics.

To use SocialGimp, log in with your INSTAGRAM account. No separate account, email address or credit card details are needed.

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Psst! "Social Gimp" refers to someone that is a bit akward in social situations.

Disclaimer: SocialGimp is not partner to, sponsored by or endorsed by INSTAGRAM. SocialGimp is a stand-alone service that uses INSTAGRAM API (application program interface) in compliance with INSTAGRAM's policies.